Conveyor Belts Tear Mainly Caused By Several Reasons?

General conveyor belt tear when there are several reasons, first of all, conveyor belt aging to reach the service life, will produce tearing, and secondly because of the equipment leading to the conveyor belt premature aging or tear.

Conveyor belt tear split, you can take the following treatment:

① When the belt life reaches its life expectancy, should immediately replace the new belt;

② use the new belt to replace the damaged or severely deformed tape, and replace the metal clip;

③ strict control of large materials, iron and coal and other materials to the belt;

④ should choose a reasonable role in the belt tensioning device on the tension;

⑤ in the procurement of conveyor belts, should choose the excellent quality and performance of the belt;

⑥ increase the offset roller and prevent deviation of the protective device, if there is a belt stuck by the rack, you should immediately shut down and solve the problem.