Conveyor Belt Slip Factor

Conveyor belt slippage is a common problem, because the physical properties of the conveyor belt are not the same, in normal use caused by a variety of reasons, then we will care what exactly is the cause of the conveyor belt slipping it?

Work, the conveyor belt to bear the transmission capacity is too large, the weight of the object weight too much, if the length of the conveyor belt is also one of the major reasons. The coefficient of friction between the idler roller and the conveyor belt is not enough for other reasons. For example, if the surface of the idler roller is heavily worn and rubbed, the conveyor belt is wet or oily, the adhesion of these materials on the surface of the belt body is also one of the difficulties.

Summarized above:

1, the reasons for the conveyor belt, conveyor belt using a long time, elongation lead to insufficient tension belt;

2, external reasons. A, roller foreign body, resulting in reduced friction, B, roller wear, friction decreases.