Belt Conveyor Guide Plate Blocking Material How To Do?

Belt conveyor clogging and spillage problem is commonplace, but it is such an old problem has always occurred, I hope you must bear in mind: belt conveyor must be selected according to material properties and delivery requirements, shall not be overloaded to use, you must prevent congestion and Flash material, keep conveying smooth.

1. Conveyor belts shall be of sufficient width for the specific load and characteristics of the material to be conveyed;

2. Conveyor inclination must be designed to prevent the material from slipping or falling under normal working conditions;

3. Conveyor should be set to ensure uniform feeding control device;

4. The hopper or chute wall slope, discharge port location and size must be able to ensure that the material by its own gravity automatically out;

5 receiving point should be located in the horizontal section, and set the guide plate. Acceptance points must be located in the inclined section, the need for auxiliary loading facilities;

6. Vertical tensioning device section should be installed blanking baffle;

7. The receiving point should take measures to reduce the impact.