Belt Conveyor Belt Slip Phenomenon How To Deal With

First, we must check the conveyor belt load is excessive. If the conveyor belt load is too large, more than the motor capacity, it will be prone to skidding phenomenon, although this time the skid can play a role in protecting the motor, but to adjust the feed volume in time to control it at the maximum load Within, to avoid the occurrence of material slippage.

Second, start-up is too fast and slippery. In view of this situation, you can properly adjust the startup speed, switch to slow start, so you can effectively slip the phenomenon of customers.

Third, to exclude due to friction between the drive roller and the conveyor belt caused by insufficient friction. Normally this is due to water or damp conditions on the belt, which can be blown on the rollers using a blower.

Fourth, check the tension of the conveyor belt. If the belt away from the drum at the tension is not enough, it is prone to skidding problems. In response to this problem, customers should promptly correct tensioning device, increase the initial tension of the belt.

Fifth, if the rear roller bearing damage or roller bearing damage is serious, but also prone to skidding. The reason for the damage is that there is too much drift on the tail of the machine and the parts that have not been damaged or rotated are not repaired and replaced in time, causing the slip resistance to increase.