What is the role of high and low temperature resistant silicone cloth?

In life, I can always see some fire doors, electric welding cloth, curtains or something in public. How are these done? In fact, the reason is very simple, think about the iron can melt and there is nothing to burn! Why does iron melt and not ignite? It is because the high temperature of iron does not meet the requirements and it will not be ignited.

For example, this is related to the fire that has been involved in electric welding before. This is the fire caused by the electric welder during the operation, the spark splashes and ignites some low-burning items. However, if there is a solder pad, it can catch or block such high temperature iron filings. In the 2008 World Expo, the entrance and exit of the venue were equipped with smoke-proof wall coverings, which also confirmed its high temperature resistance. Also affirmed its existence. And it is mainly used in shopping malls. Vertical fire separation of smoke-proof partitions in modern buildings such as office buildings and warehouses. Widely used in fire-fighting facilities and equipment is a new type of fire-retardant material for making smoke-proof curtains. The appearance is smooth, oil-resistant, corrosion-resistant, has a certain sealing performance, has a strong tensile strength, and can withstand wear even in a harsh outdoor environment. Commonly used in power plant desulfurization systems.

The characteristics of high and low temperature resistant silicone cloth are that it is not easy to ignite, and the ignition point is very high. It is suitable for use in various fireproof places! Of course, fireproof cloth is also divided into many kinds. Flame-retardant fire-retardant cloth, smoke-proof silicone cloth, smoke-proof wall cloth, fire curtain and so on.

The high temperature resistance of high and low temperature resistant fireproof cloth is mainly reflected in its ability to prevent fires and reduce the loss caused by fire, and to some extent, the spread of fire. Can be well controlled. Of course there are other applications.