What are the points for choosing silicone cloth?

How to distinguish the quality of silicone cloth, many people want to know, many people like to buy silicone cloth online, in the thousands of choices, there is no way to judge the picture. There are many kinds of silicone cloth on the market, such as single-sided silicone cloth, double-sided silicone cloth, stainless steel wire silicone cloth, squeegee silicone cloth, coated silicone cloth, dipped silicone cloth, etc., then how to distinguish the quality of silicone cloth Good or bad?


First, the weight of the silicone cloth. The weight of silicone cloth is one of the most basic parameters, and it is also one of the most basic parameters reflecting the quality of silicone cloth. For silicone cloth of the same thickness, the greater the weight value, the better the quality of the silicone cloth.

The base fabric of the silicone cloth. The silica gel itself has almost no strength, so the determined strength depends entirely on the strength of the base fabric. Our company uses high-strength non-toxic and non-polluting glass fiber as the base fabric.

The process of silicone cloth. The process control process is directly related to whether the silica gel coated with silica gel is easily peeled off from the base fabric, and the surface of the calendered silica cloth is flat. The surface of Meirun silica gel cloth is smooth and flat, the thickness error is ±0.02mm, and the silicone cloth product does not fall off. Foaming, anti-tear.

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