Timing belt do not need to be tightened?

According to the synchronous belt friction transmission principle, the timing belt must be tensioned to work properly. Belt will relax between the operation, in order to ensure the ability of the belt, you must re-tension in order to work properly.

Synchronous belt drive with belt drive, chain drive and gear transmission advantages. Belt belt and belt drive is due to meshing transmission movement and power, so there is no relative slip between the belt and pulley, to ensure accurate transmission ratio. Timing belt is usually a rope or glass fiber rope as a tensile body, neoprene or polyurethane as the base, this belt is thin and light, it can be used at higher speeds.

Transmission speed of up to 50m / s, the transmission ratio up to 10, the efficiency of up to 98%. Transmission noise than the belt drive, chain drive and gear drive small, good wear resistance, no oil lubrication, longer life than the friction belt. The main drawback is the higher precision manufacturing and installation, the center distance requirements more stringent. Therefore, the timing belt is widely used in the requirements of the transmission ratio is accurate, small power transmission.