PTFE Adhesive Tapes Advantage

PTFE Adhesive Tapes is characterized by high strength, high temperature resistance, normal temperature up to 260 degrees. At the same time, the surface is smooth, anti-stick, bright, and resistant to various chemical corrosion.

PTFE Adhesive Tapes is widely used in packaging, thermoplastics, composites, heat sealing, electrical and electronic industries. The fabric-reinforced PTFE Teflon tape is characterized by high strength and can be applied to the rollers of sizing machines, thermoplastic demoulding, etc. It can be used repeatedly and easily replaced.

Good heat resistance (continuous use temperature of 260°C or more) enables safe use even on overheated heaters.

Good resistance to sticking, the “slag” of the melted packaging film does not stick to the heater.Excellent electrical insulation.

Travel stability, durability, easy maintenance