How to unload the belt in the middle?

1, you can use the scraper scraper and more than one unloading car distribution unloading.

2, or unloading car and plow discharge

Plow unloading

Plow unloader to further overcome all the inadequacies of the old unloader, due to the improved double plow head before and after, locking devices, dual flashlight and mechanical self-locking three different structures of the installation, it is the most domestic Advanced unloading coal separation machinery.

1, the plowshare part is divided into the front alloy high chrome fierce or asbestos material before the plowshares and wear pallets plowshares, so that unloading more clean.

2, plowshare increase of the locking device for mechanical grasping, adjustable coulter height, the best face close to the belt, the work will not be due to the coal: the impact of lifting or jitter, to avoid The tape was torn, worn and coal leakage phenomenon.

3, the driving part is the latest domestic product dual-use mechanical and electrical flashlight. Overcome the poor performance of the electric putter overload, easy to burn the motor, stuck, top bending screw and other defects, the common external leakage of electro-hydraulic putter, not self-locking, sliding, crawling and other new drawbacks. The flashlight dual-use mechanical electro-hydraulic putt with absolute self-locking, no internal and external leakage, overload capacity, smooth operation and so on.

4, the installation is divided into A, B, C three kinds of electro-hydraulic putter can be placed in the upper part of the sub-machine, vertical installation, tape installation on both sides of the three options, a great convenience to customers.

5, air lock flap with high manganese chromium wear-resistant materials, extending the service life of up to 20 years, reducing the amount of maintenance.

6, the lock part of the use of: (1) the material evenly distributed to prevent deviation and sticking material and spread material along the way. (2) to reduce the induced air blast, slow down to less than 10% of the original. (3) Suitable for conveying sticky material, wet material, bulk material and powder material to prevent sticking

Unloading car

Discharging trolley is mainly composed of redirecting drum, driving device, blanking funnel, driving wheel, driving wheel, frame, brake and electric control device. In order to improve the discharge process dust pollution of the environment, the discharge car can also be equipped with a dust removal system and tape sealing device.

Unloading car through the steering cylinder thrown into the material into the three-way funnel, the material under the control of the electric flap can be to the side of the hopper or the middle of the material expected to blanking. The material falling to the middle of the discharge port is mainly used for discharging the car to adjust the position and feeding to the tail warehouse. Its advantage is to adapt to the conditions of high speed with high output, it will not damage the tape; the disadvantage is to discharge needs, the upper cylinder must be carried to a certain height, so the unloading car is huge and complex, longer body, plus concave Arc hanging section, so that the feed trough at least 10m above a period of unloading, which will make the device layout is limited. The height of factory buildings increased, and investment increased. At the same time with the material moving, will have sprinkle material phenomenon.