How to choose the right conveyor belt?

In China, the application of belt conveyors was relatively late. In the 1980s, the application of belt conveyors began. After decades of research and development, the design concept of belt conveyors in China has been very advanced. The gradual application of wire rope conveyor belts in the coal mining industry, wire rope conveyor belts can be designed to be flame retardant according to demand. China's belt conveyors operate at 5.9m per second. The belt conveyors designed in other countries operate at speeds between 1.5m and 4.1m. As the conveyor distance of the belt conveyor is continuously strengthened, the core requirements for the conveyor are also increasing, and the cost of the design of the conveyor is constantly being strengthened. In the application of belt conveyors in the coal industry, the most costly is the wire rope conveyor belt. To reduce the cost of the belt conveyor, we need to reduce the wear on the wire rope conveyor belt during the application process. The wire rope conveyor belt in the belt conveyor is a kind of elastic equipment, and is also the most important part of the belt conveyor. Because the belt conveyor is both a traction member and a load bearing member, it needs to be The role is to drive power and motion. The conveyor belt is constructed of a core body and a cover layer.