Conveyor belt safety problems need attention

1: Defective gear reducer, fluid coupler spray or motor reverse.

2: conveyor joint quality problems. Conveyor belt joints are divided into mechanical joints and curing joints, the quality of mechanical joints is far less than the vulcanized joints, it is now rarely used. In the case of vulcanized joints, if the vulcanization temperature and the vulcanization pressure are not controlled as required, temperature and pressure are unevenly distributed on the vulcanized plate, the temperature and pressure hold time are set unreasonably, unreasonable materials and the like are used for the vulcanization process influences.

3: A sudden increase in transport load caused by other things being involved in transport. For example, large gangue or other objects of extraordinary mass suddenly mix in the coal being transported.

4: The stress changes greatly when starting and stopping. Belt conveyor starts and stops can also cause the conveyor belt to break, and it is generally best to start the conveyor without load.

5: the quality of the conveyor belt itself, however, the service life of the conveyor belt is too long, the conveyor belt overloaded for a long time transport, routine maintenance is not in place.

6: uneven distribution of materials, conveyor belt deviation.

7: people do not touch the running conveyor belt, so as not to be twisted into the conveyor belt, resulting in casualties.