Conveyor belt routine maintenance and inspection

Conduct a visual inspection every day, check the contents as follows:

1 conveyor belt and the connector part of the abnormal situation.

2 Conveyor belt cuts, cracks, penetrating wounds and other causes of damage.

3 has occurred between the delamination damage, especially in the joints.

4 core is pulled off part.

5 whether the upper and lower cover rubber wear, especially over the plastic, check whether the contact plate with the conveyor belt surface.

6 Conveyor belt half wear.

7 Belt on both sides wear or not.

Weekly inspection of the operation, check the contents of:

1 Whether the conveyor belt and bracket due to deviation of wear.

2 whether partial load phenomenon.

3 between the conveyor belt dip is normal.

4 Is there a spillage of the material on the conveyor due to over-spacing of the rollers?

5 conveyor belt wrinkles and sagging phenomenon.

6 Whether the conveyor belt slipping on the drive roller.