Adaptation range and main performance characteristics of silicone cloth

Silicone cloth is a high-temperature, anti-corrosion, high-strength glass fiber cloth, which is calendered or impregnated with silicone rubber. It is a high-performance, multi-purpose composite new product that has been widely used in aerospace, chemical, petroleum, Large-scale power generation equipment, machinery, metallurgy, electrical insulation, construction and other fields.

Performance characteristics:

1. It is used between low temperature -70 °C and high temperature 280 °C, and the insulation performance is good.

2. It is resistant to ozone, sample, light and weathering. It has excellent weather resistance in the field and its life span can reach 10 years.

3. With high insulation performance, dielectric constant 3-3.2, breakdown voltage 20-50KV / MM

4. Good chemical resistance, oil resistant, waterproof (scratchable).

5. High strength; soft and self-willed, can be cut and processed.